Update on Covid-19

​- We follow government instructions to close the restaurant dining in service but takeaway is still available. 

- Our opening time changed to following during this special time

   Sunday-Thursday 17:00 - 20:00

   Friday-Saturday    17:00 - 21:00

- Due to large amount orders we are not able to provide delivery service on Friday Saturday and Sunday. And we are temprorily suspend the delivery option for online order as all the deliveries are expecting delay. Call us to book your delivery in advance.

Important message for customer

To protect our customers and staff, we are now contactless which means:

- We can only take card payment, no more cash!

- There are 2 ways you can order: telephone or online, no more walk-ins please. 

- We always need your mobile number when you place your order for us to send the secure payment link by text message. Customer just follow the instruction to make the payment. It's quicker and safer.

For collection:

- Please be seated in your car while waiting. We will bring the order out to the front door when it's ready. Please do not knock the door as door will keep shut all the time during business hours.

- We will assign a time slot for each customer, so please be on time as punctual as possible as we can only serve one customer at a time.

For delivery:

- Please note your order will be placed on your door step

Why your order may take longer than before

- We take extra steps to ensure our food is safe, ie staff wash hands before and after handling each order and the outside packaging of your order will be sprayed before we pass to cutomer with gloves

- Staff maintain social distance which cause slow on everthing we do

- We spend time to communicate with customers as we try to assign each customer a time slot so only one customer at a time

2 Tips on get your order on time

1. Pre-order

Our online order system allow you order 7 days in advance. You can call us to make pre-order as well. We always give priority to pre-orders. 

2. Avoid rush hours

Our rush hour is between 18:00pm - 20:30pm every Saturday. If you place order during this time, your waiting time will be about one hour or sometimes even longer. The worst scenario is your order might be rejected or cancelled. 

what we do to protect our customers and what products we used

- For all the stock we received, we spray the outside packaging using the Surgical Spirit

- Staff wash hands after handling each order using WHO Hand Sanitiser 71% which helps eliminate spores(ie Covid 19)

- We check staff health condition daily

- We spray Kitchen area before and after each order using 70% Alcohol with Hydrogen Perxide

- We spray floor area twice a day using 70% Alcohol with Hydrogen Perxide

Why we temprorily stop the delivery service

-We think health and saftey is our top concern. With current contactless collection pratice we feel it is very much safe for both our customer and employees. 

-However we do not currently have enough PPE for driver who may face higher risk. And if we cannnot protect our driver we cannot protect our customers.  We may re-launch our delivery whenever we feel 100% confident to do so.